House of Dukes

by Oecon Labs

Rare Digital Art Collection

About us

The House of Dukes NFT collection is created by Thod, The "Golden bank of blockchain" Thod is aiming to be the first bank on the blockchain offering traditional financial products in decentralised economy, such as;
Savings, Loans (both self-repaying and traditional collateralised loans)Staking, Farming, Bonds, NFTs. Later we will expand our product range with; Business loan, Mortgage, Insurance, Insurance funds, Bond standards, Vault standards. Thod bank will issue THUSD - asset collateralised algorithmic stablecoin and THOD token.

The House of Dukes is a collection of 10,000 unique collectables; to support businesses and individuals.

Duke in the United Kingdom is the highest-ranking hereditary title in all four of the British Isles.
A duke thus outranks all other holders of titles of nobility (marquess, earl, viscount and baron).
The wife of a duke is known as a duchess, which is also the title of a woman who holds a dukedom in her own right, referred to as a duchess.

In a centralised world, as rules, dukes are ranked below emperors, kings and princes.
The House of Dukes is a decentralised community, and we only have one rank; The Dukes. Our rank gives us equal position; the right to set our rules; the right to manage our DAO; the right to manage our finances; the right to manage our businesses.
We shall praise, and raise together.

Why get a Duke?

Holding a Duke NFT comes with the following use cases:
- Legal right to use Thod trademark
- Licensing and commercial rights
- Branding and marketing support
- Structured DAO for business management
- Free property land in our metaverse to build and establish your business/office/store/gallery
- Minting dynamic Non-fungible-token (dNFT) to obtain a business loan
- NFT collateralised loan
- monthly THOD token airdrop for 5 years

exclusive benefits:
- a privilege to be part of Thod ecosystem
- entry ticket to our private events
- entry ticket to our private channels
- education about Oecon Labs, cryptocurrencies, tokenomics, blockchain, decentralised finance (DeFi) regenerative finance (ReFi) Non-fungible-tokens (NFT) investment strategies

Mint price 200 MATIC (+gas fee)


The House of Dukes is a vast ecosystem with innovative utilities and community-based leadership.
It's a collection of 10,000 hand-drawn, randomly generated NFTs, with various levels of rarity, that serve as a membership token to an exclusive club.
Holders will receive an abundance of utility and reward, which will increase over time.

Our goal is to utilize the possibilities of revenue streams that NFTs offer by expanding the ecosystem beyond the boundaries between the real and digital world.
The digital world has no limit, no need to compete; we build partnerships and raise together. Eventually, THOD grants its holders complete access to use and monetize their NFTs; essentially, you'll be able to create a business around your asset by our stance on licensing and commercial rights; Thod grants you legal right to use Thod trademark.

We want to provide steady income streams, investment opportunities and financial and business support to businesses and start-up companies, investors and individuals.


Dukes have five different levels of rarity; common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. Duke's rarity level has a role in our reward system. Holders will receive an abundance of rewards which will increase over time, token airdrop, royalty rewards, and more.
Various rewards will be unlocked phase by phase.


Legendary: Aussie 1%
Epic: Outback 3%
Rare: Homburg 5%
Uncommon: Fedora 7%


Short boxed: 3%
Hipster: 4%
Anchor: 5%
Van dyke: 6%

Flower ornaments

Pionsettia: 0.1%
Amaryllis: 1%
Ivy: 5%
Dahlia: 10%


Phase 1

NFT minting

White paper release


Phase 2

Website release



Phase 3






Phase 4

Smart contract



Phase 5


Licensing and

Phase 6

Business Loan



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Frequently asked questions

What are commercial rights?

means any, and all rights of a commercial nature connected with the Project, including without limitation, image rights, broadcasting rights, new media rights, endorsement and official sponsorship rights, merchandising rights, licensing rights, advertising rights and hospitality rights.

What is licensing?

The term "license" has two meanings—one in common terms (like a driver's license, for example), and the other in business and commerce. A license in its most general sense is like a permit to enable someone to do something.In business, licenses are typically given by a company that wants to give rights to its property in return for payment. Usually, these rights are to make, sell, or use something the business owns.

What is business application?

Business and NFT owners will have the opportunity to apply for crypto loan and fundraising.
We will provide finance and marketing support.
more info soon.